Sunday, August 8, 2010

~ Visit to the Singapore Zoo - National Day Eve ~

8th August 2010 - It's Singapore National Day's eve and we are here at the Singapore Zoo! Despite the rainy days we had a couple of days ago, it is a SUNNY Day today!

Gladys is feeling lazy and wants Mommy to carry. Especially after seeing those motorized scooters being displayed outside for rental, she simply refuses to walk. :S The scooters came in 2 sizes. The rental fees for the bigger ones is $35 while the smaller ones is $25. We decided to go for the stroller instead - $9 and luckily we did... Gladys was in the stroller almost 80% throughout the entire trip in the zoo!

The other time when we visited the zoo it was a rainy day and most of the animals went into hiding. With the good sunny weather, we are able to roam around the zoo and see more animals in action. We started off we the tree top trails and this time we get to see monkeys on the trees.

Australian Outback - one of the kids favourite as they get to see the Joey and Emu.

Primate Kingdom - Various monkeys can be seen. Baby monkeys hanging tightly onto their mommies.

Elephants of Asia - This is one of my favourite to see the largest land animal. :) "Ele" means Arch and "Phant" means Huge. Hence Elephant means Huge Arch. :)

Further ahead there is a tree house where the kiddos are game to climb up the steep steps even though they are scared. Gladys finally got off from the stroller to do her climb, with Mommy right behind her. Up in the tree house are more fun facts about Elephants for the children to explore. Of course, there are 2 spots for photo takings. :)

It's the Elephant's bathing time! We manage to catch it and Denver gets to be up close with them! COOLZ! For a moment I was so scared that the Elephants will spray water on me. :p Can't blame me especially after seeing so many poo in the water.

At the Ah Meng Resturant, you can take photo with the orang utans and have a chance to touch the snakes while enjoying a buffet spread. We didn't take the breakfast but also have the opportunity to look at the orang utans and Denver get to touch the snake too.
Venue : Ah Meng Restaurant (Terrace)
Time : 9.00am – 10.30am daily
Price : S$25++(adult), S$16++ (child 6 -12 years old)

Rainforest Fights Back is the first show that we are catching @ the zoo. We took the very back seat at the Amphitheatre and took this chance to have our snacks and drinks.

Venue: Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre
Time: 10.30am and 1.30pm daily

Videos of the show to be uploaded later....

Next, we head on to the Elepants at Work & Play show. This is the 2nd time I have watched it and I love it everytime! It has been my favourite show so far at the Singapore Zoo. :) Definitely a MUST Watch!

Venue: Elephants of Asia exhibit
Time: 11.30am and 3.30pm daily

Usually for the other shows that we have been to, we will be waiting at our seats for the show to start. However, for the Elephant show, we have been entertained even 20 minutes before the start of the show! The elephants will be out pushing the logs into the water and picking it back to the initial spot. Another elephant will be displaying it's painting skill which is so enjoying. :)

At the beginning of the show, we were already being warned that we might be splashed by the water. :p Since we are seated 3rd row from the front, we are in danger zone. Hahaha.. True enough, Denver & I got 'hit' by the water spouted by the elephant during introduction. :p Shortly after we got splashed, one of the elephant Poo in the water!! EWwwwwww...

The show was so funny and entertaining! I love the Elephants! They are such a darling. :) The kids wanted to feed the elepants after the show, hence I paid $5 per feed in a basket for them to have a try. They are so brave and aren't scared at all. Mommy is standing right at the side.. worrying if the elephants will give me a sudden spray. Hahaha

We had a great time with the Elephants and it's time to walk to the other parts of the zoo. :) We saw Komodo dragons, cute squirrels and leopard cats at the Critters Longhouse, giant tortises and snakes. :)

There is a special activity at the Singapore Zoo from 7th to 9th August and that is the ECO Kidz Quest. There are 6 game stations to complete and after getting all the stamps, we'll receive a gift. The stations are located at the Fragile Forest and Tropical Crops Plantation. This is also where Gladys get off from the stroller and starts to be bossy in getting her paper stamped. :S

While collecting the stamps, we also get a chance to see the flying fox, bats, ring tail lemur and deermouse.

By now we are very tired and hungry... Our final round at the zoo is visiting the giraffes, lions, rhinos, zebras, polar bears and collecting our ECO Kidz Quest free gift at the entrance before leaving the zoo.

This is what we got for completing the ECO KIDZ Quest. :) A free bag, water bottle and a badge. Nice! :D


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Nice photo shot with ur family:) ur son n daughter are so cute... such a great travelling adventure with ur family!

Thanks for sharing us

Phoebe said...

Thanks Deasy! They can be really difficult pair to manage at times :D Do visit again for more travel tales

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