Friday, June 13, 2008

~ Trip to Kuala Lumpur/Sunway Lagoon (Part 2) ~

** 9th June **

It's Monday! Managed to stay up and packed the luggage on the previous night.. Hubby is too tired and so I helped to get all the stuff ready... We had breakfast at a nearby coffee shop and I had Mee Tai Mak. Hubby ordered Zhu Chang Fen (in curry gravy) with Yong Tou Fu.. something really special that we don't see in Singapore.
We set off in a cab (all 6 of us) to Corus Hotel. (5 mins walk from Petronas Twin Tower). As we are still early from the check-in time, hubby and brother went to put our luggage at the lobby while we waited for them at KLCC. After meeting up, we went to shop around for a while and I bought myself some accessories too.. Had KFC for lunch too..

We finally headed back to the hotel and check-in at around 3.. had a short nap and rest before going out again. As it was still early, we shopped around at a new mall - Pavilion. It just started to rain when we reached... As someone mentioned, it is a "hi-class" mall and hence its nice to see but nothing much that is of our interest. :p .. Dinner was recommended to be at Starhill - Japanese food.. (my favourite).. and because of that, I was rather touched by the event to follow.

1st- I believe Brother and Hj went out in the heavy rain to check out our dinner area.. I saw their wet brolly and brother's shirt was half drenched..

2nd- I mentioned I love to have Japanese food because in SG it's rather expensive and I thought it would be nice to have a cheaper meal in Msia.. but I did not expect the dinner to come would be so expensive (RM88++ per adult). Brother actually treated us and I felt kinda bad..

I know brother don't mind paying just to make sure everyone is happy.. still I can't help feeling guilty and the pinch for him. sniff..

The high price is really due to the quality of the food.. I think we all ate our full and I had so many rounds of food.. from Sashimi, hand rolls, soft shell crab, sushi, oyster to soup, grilled food, pastries, ice-cream..... it's really Yummy...

After a very long, heavy dinner, we had a little walk around Starhill.. as Hj mentioned, it is a place with lots of 'hi-class' shops and resturant... there is a band and lounge area. with many resturants downstairs....and it's so near Marriot hotel.. really cool.. As time was rather late to walk to the mall, we took a cab back to the hotel and rest with a heavy stomach..
** 10th June **

Tuesday.. My final day in KL before heading back home tomorrow.. My mood starting to get dull... not really looking forward to leaving.. *sob*. Anyway, the purpose of hubby booking Corus hotel is because it's the nearest hotel to Petronas Twin Tower.. and hubby and brother went to queue for the free tickets entry to the Skybridge at 630am. They waited for 2 hours!! and we managed to choose the 1030am viewing slot. We have ample of time to get the kids ready and had breakfast at the hotel.
I managed to take some photos of the kids along the corridor as they were playing.. Love these photo very much because of the light and feel it gives me... most importantly, they looked really happy..

We had another short queue while waiting to enter the skybridge.. was taken to watch a 7mins short 3D effect video which nearly makes me sleep.. heheheh.. :p but the kids look great in the big glasses.. ;)

Finally took the lift up to the skybridge on the 41st storey. We were given about 10mins to walk on the bridge and take photos.. Hubby was commenting to queue for 2 hours in return for a 10 mins view is really tiring. There will not be a next time for him for sure. :p. Still, the view from the top always look spectacular.. Since it took such great effort to come, photos are a must! I don't think I will be coming up here in the near future too..

This is the only group photo we have for this trip.. so I like this alot too... too bad Gladys started to get cranky and we couldn't get the best shot...

Next stop - Times Square... I wonder if it's because its a weekday afternoon.. the mall looks older and less crowded.. really feel very different from the first time I visited a couple of years ago. Denver spent quite a lot of time at the arcade and this time round, we did not went in to the Cosmos World.. Denver has been cranky and keep bugging us for a toy since day 1... well, I guess we have to settle for one today before we leave... Brother and Hj was really kind and patient to take us to another mall and we finally manage to get a robot.

Our final spot for this trip is Chinatown (Petaling street). We had dinner at a hawker stall tasting the famous spicy stingray, lala, squid etc...Popped by Central Market and make our last minute shopping. There are a lot of souveniers with arts, handicrafts, batik, traditional wear etc. Most importantly, it's air-conditioned. :) We also visited gift shops, had another round of Satay and packet Chendol back as supper. Night starts to fall.. and it's final packing! Going back home early the next day.. sucks.. :(

** 11th June **

Today's the day! Happy and Good time always past so fast... had breakfast together with Brother and Hj and we proceed to take our luggage down ready to check out.. We are taking the early bus (10am) - Aeroline back.

We had a walk by the pool side while waiting for the bus. Denver did not get to play with water on this trip.. so he can only dip his feet in the water.. Maybe next time ..

Ah well.. time to go.. Great sadness came when I wave Brother and Hj goodbye.. (They will be staying till Monday).. Although every trip is really tiring.. I really enjoyed it.. it is not being measured by the amount of things we bought..but rather the company we are with... Had lots of good food, went to nice places and the children had a good time. I really appreciate Brother and Hj spending time aside to keep us company and helping to look after the kids. I know they are tired out too and I'm really grateful. As I sat on the bus on my way back, I had memories of my childhood again. The "Mi-er" tune came to my mind as I hum to Gladys. Those days, although I do not have the freedom to roam about but I have great, happy times when I was young.. all thanks to my brother. I wish Denver and Gladys could be good siblings who will love and care for each other as they grow.

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